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I know! Life is busy. Especially when you’re working hard to make an impact on the world. And all too often, it's your body that takes the hit.

If you run out of energy, feel emotional stress, or are plagued by the aches and pains of day-to-day life, then you are in the right place. Whether you're a corporate CEO or an aspiring artist, this "embodiment" challenge will help you forward your cause. I promise!

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We'll send you three simple email prompts every week to help put attention BACK on your body in a bite-sized and do-able way. You'll choose an action that feels good, gets you back in your body, sparks your right-brain juices, and helps maximize your effectiveness at work. And do it!

You will also learn how to mindfully track the sensations in your body each week... and learn more about the impact your body has on your work, your leadership, and your life.

Because knowledge is power. And power is impact.  #lifeworkhack

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Why Should I Participate?

In a recent 9-year longitudinal study of burnout among investment bankers, the data was clear: those who learned to partner with their bodies were much more likely to expand their capacity, stay well and succeed in their careers long term. Those who didn’t… often burned out.

Cultivating a positive relaitonship with your body will help you maximize your impact at work.

How Does It Work?

The premise of Just Once a Week is simple: When you carve out a small amount of time at least “once a week” to put attention on your body, and observe your sensations and feelings, you can begin to learn from them – rather than fight against them.

And, when you purposefully track the sensations that uplift you – especially sensations like energy, aliveness and joy – new doorways to possibility, personal power and creative potential begin to open.

So... what it does it looks like?